One simple quest

We passionately founded WIP with the hope that our beautiful sustainable products will embrace every corner of your life.

And so our journey started.

Our Ethos

To us, clothing should be as easy on your skin just as on the environment. As consumers, you have so much power to change the world by every purchase you made. Our hope is together with you, we can make a small but significant impact. Our commitment is to bring you products that made of only these three resources:

Natural fabric Bio-degradable fibers like hemp, silk, and organic cottons

Deadstocks The residual fabrics left over from major fashion houses.

And Recycled materials

Slow is the way

We dedicate our time and effort into making & curating pieces that are not only beautiful but also have purposes. Currently, our fabrics are carefully sourced from the craft village Nha Xa, Ha Nam, Vietnam. The process of making 100% hemp & silk fabric is a long and meticulous one that needs to be supervised by experienced artisans.

The magic of nature

Not just good for the environment, natural fabrics are also great for you and your health.

Textiles such as linen, silk, and cotton are naturally hypoallergenic. They also have unique anti-bacterial qualities, therefore making them ideal for sensitive or allergy-prone skin